BOOK: Stay the F#ck at home

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Such extraordinary times!

There's a lot of information about coronavirus swirling around the globe. So my buddy Kaila wrote a book, designed to share a single, critical message about the pandemic, based on the global scientific consensus... but with a sense of humour.

It's called Stay the F&*k at Home - a bedtime story for adults, illustrated by yours truly.

It’s especially for people in countries where they haven’t got the protective measures in place we have in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We want to get this critical message to the people that really need to make the hard personal decision to stay home. We've made it freely available on all the platforms:Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Medium Instagram

Of course, If you want to "buy" it—or just show your appreciation—you can find the e-book version here. At least 50% of the net proceeds (after transaction fees) will go to COVID-19-related charities.  Kia kaha, kia mārū, kia atawhai.

Be strong, be calm, be kind. And please. Stay home. Let’s flatten the curve. 

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