Kia ora, ko Megan Salole ahau


I facilitate people and organisations to imagine preferable futures. Then I bring these stories to life using the power of illustration. This process fires up their imaginations and brings new possibilities to life. When something is illustrated, it has much more power and pull. It is much easier to align people around a visual strategy, and they are rewarding to co-create together. 


Does your business or organisation have something really important to say? Are you trying to articulate something complex like a system or a challenging concept? Are you putting together a public campaign?

Collaboratively, we will visualise it and then I'll illustrate it. It's an enjoyable process, and the illustrations are always received with delight and curiosity.  Illustrations offer a deep level of engagement because our brains are hardwired to recognise stories.  The information goes in deep, aiding learning and memory, provoking an emotional response and most importantly, inspiring action.

So if you are embarking on a strategic planning process, or you want to put some ideas into the public domain, we should connect.

Our current culture is shaped by a collection of powerful stories about us. We subconsciously endorse these  stories because they provide us an easy way to organise ourselves in a world of complexity, paradox and contrasts. We can now see how many of those stories are working against humanity and our earth. 


Capitalism. Patriarchy. Billionaires. White Supremacy, Individualism. Scarcity...

Much of our world, our systems and our organisations need renewal and rethinking. 


Without the process of visioning, we have a vacuum. All our dystopian views are born in this vacuum. We can use visioning and storytelling to work out a way forward. Once an idea has form and colour, it has its own energy and power in the imaginations of people. And that makes aligned action much easier. 

Imagine a world where we invest effort in visualising hopeful and preferred solutions that inspire action instead of just running around trying to fix all the chaos and fear caused by our outdated ideas. 






Megan Salole


Ōtautahi Christchurch (til Sept 2020)

Te Whanganui-ā-tara | Wellington
Aotearoa | New Zealand

(New Zealand Standard Time - UTC+12:00)

Let's chat! These are good times for other time zones: 

UK: 8am - 10pm

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PDT: 12pm - 6pm

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I've always thought outside the box, and now I get to enable others to do the same. It turns out, a simple drawing powerfully connects people with ideas that inspire action. 


I am a card carrying member of the League of Live Illustrators.  If you have an event (conference/ hui/workshop or celebration) bring us on board to bring our creative flair and capture the essence of the event in beautiful little works of art. If your event will have content that you want to fly out of the room via tweets, or you want to make your report-back a joy to read then check us out