Kia ora, I'm someone who loves strategy, 'future-making' and communication design.  Over the past few years, I have developed a niche offering where I work alongside leaders and their teams to visualise preferable futures. Then then I bring these stories to life using the power of illustration.

Collaboratively we imagine, then strategise and when we have arrived at a new horizon, I begin to illustrate it. We iterate until we achieve alignment. It's an enjoyable process, and the illustrations are always engaging; they quite literally show the way forward.


Illustration has so much power and potential. More than just 'pretty pictures', it bridges the 'imagination gap' for people who struggle to visualise alternative pathways. 

Visualising is a key component of strategic planning - but the skill is not well developed in your average strategy team. I help bring the vision to life, creating a roadmap in people’s minds, showing how we get from here to there. It fires up people’s imaginations and brings new possibilities to life. 


I have found It is much easier to align people around a visual strategy. The real value comes when engaging stakeholders or taking ideas out into the public domain. 

Illustrations offer a deep level of engagement because our brains are hardwired to recognise stories.  Illustrations tell rich stories, whilst making complexity more digestible. 


The information goes in deep, aiding learning and memory, provoking an emotional response. When our brains read something, we tend to be in a critical analysis mode. When we see a picture, it hits us in a place that triggers hope and a sense of possibility. And what do we need a lot more of right now...?

Is your business or organisation embarking on a strategic process?  Are you in the business of creating change? Are you trying to articulate something complex like a system or a challenging concept? Perhaps you're putting together a public campaign?  Contact meLet's create some preferable futures together.  


ILLUSTRATION INSPIRES and shows where to next.